Reuse & Recycle

At Welana we do not just care about social matters

but also aim to protect the environment as much as possible. Therefore we established a Reuse & Recycle Program that supports conscious consumption.

What our Reuse & Recycle Program is

In the unfortunate case your Welana product gets damaged and you feel you will not be able to enjoy it anymore, please do not throw it away but become creative about an alternative use. We at Welana also offer that you can send your product back to us (of course, we will cover the shipping costs) and we either refund you with 10 Euros directly to your bank account or give you a discount of 15% for your next Welana purchase. Together with our Upcycling Partners below, we will make sure that the Welana textile will be turned into a different, new product that someone else will be able to enjoy. This approach ensures that we are not wasting valuable resources but create a continuous cycle that focuses on longevity.

Debre Libanos, Ethiopia

Welana’s Upcycling Partners

will be presented soon

How to participate in the Reuse & Recycle Program

You have a damaged Welana product and wish to send it back to us, then send an email to including your preferred form of compensation and we make sure you receive a return shipment label and initiate the compensation process.

We are very much interested in seeing how you reuse or recycle your Welana products. Please share pictures with us on facebook or instagram.

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