Set of 2

Our hand towels are uniquely designed with complementary designs. Sold in sets of two, the handtowels can be used for the bathroom.

Composition : 100% Ethiopian cotton

Size : 50 x 80cm (each of the 2 pieces)

Care : Machine wash in cold water, hang dry. Iron. Do not bleach.

Color : Cream with accents in either navy/grey, ice blue/sunflower or lava/salmon.

Uniqueness : Our products are handmade pieces and therefore they might vary slightly from the shop pictures.

Good To Know: "It’s not what Gondar is, but what Gondar was that’s so enthralling. The city lies in a bowl of hills where tall trees shelter tin-roofed stone houses, but rising above these, and standing proud through the centuries, are the walls of castles, witnesses of battles and the pomp of royalty. Often called the Camelot of Africa, this description does the royal city a disservice: Camelot is legend, whereas Gondar is reality." (Lonely Planet)

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