Welana works with two local producers

We selected our local partners Sabahar and Maraki based upon the principles of fair trade, dignified treatment of employees, fair wages, provision of health insurance, overall community support and the use of natural fabrics for our products.


Sabahar is an Ethiopian Fair Trade company that produces exquisite hand-made cotton and silk textiles by combining traditional age-old weaving expertise with modern, fresh design. Sabahar is guided by three core values: Sustainability, Innovation and Caring for each other. Sabahar is a member of the World Fair Trade Organization. See more at


Founded in 2006, Maraki has been giving local artisans the chance to promote high-quality Ethiopian handmade textiles to international markets. They take pride in the Ethiopian culture and want to show the beauty and the flexibility of Ethiopian craftsmanship. Maraki’s production is ethically conscious. They create employment while ensuring fair pay for their work. Maraki works in close partnership with the Former Women Fuel Wood Carriers Association. Maraki uses locally produced raw cotton. Learn more at

To see first hand how our producers work, both, Sabahar and Maraki (formerly Connected In Hope), were visited by us in October 2015 and a fruitful exchange with the respective management teams and weavers took place.

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