Our comfortable blankets are perfect for any occasion - for cozy evenings at home or outdoor activities like picnics and for the beach during breezy summer nights.

Composition : 65% Ethiopian Eri silk, 35% Ethiopian cotton

Size : 130 x 200cm

Care : Hand wash in cold water, hang dry. Iron. Do not bleach.

Color : Ivory with a block of beige, grey or chocolate.

Uniqueness : Our products are handmade pieces and therefore they might vary slightly from the shop pictures.

Good To Know: "Lalibela (Ethiopia) is history and mystery frozen in stone, its soul alive with the rites and awe of Christianity at its most ancient and unbending. No matter what you’ve heard about Lalibela, no matter how many pictures you’ve seen of its breathtaking rock-hewn churches, nothing can prepare you for the reality of seeing it for yourself. It’s not only a World Heritage Site, but truly a world wonder." (Lonely Planet)

EUR 199.00

incl. shipping within Europe

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